Easy to Activate – With this product you just hit the panic button.

If you’re hurt or in danger, you can’t count on being able to find, unlock and dial your phone to call for help.

This is my number one must have on all devices, it has to be easy to get to and activate!

Audio – Your circle of friends can hear what’s happening as it happens–no need to guess what’s wrong.

What’s cool is that Wearsafe captures what led up to the situation with audio from 60 seconds before you pressed the Tag.

We all know how we react when panicked.

Usually we delay our response time thinking “this can’t be happening” This feature allows for that to make sure you capture as much of the event as possible.

Group Chat – The Wearsafe App allows your friends to coordinate how they will respond to your alarm.

Someone may be close-by that can get to you faster while someone else dials 911 to get professionals on scene

Real-time Feedback – Wearsafe lets you know help is coming by silently vibrating each time someone gets your alert.

I love this! One of my biggest concerns with apps that contact friends and family is that no one heard it.

This will at least let you know help is on the way.

200-foot Range – The product sends an alert from up to 200 feet away from your smart phone.

That is far, but not, I’m going for a jog without my phone far. Be prepared.

One-touch 911 – Your friends and family can call 911 right from the app, if needed.

This is key because your circle of friends are not typically trained for this type of thing so making it easy for them to get help to you is the best option.

Get it here!

PRICE: $5 per month

There is no charge for the device itself.

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