This wearable helps its users feel more safe by contacting up to five emergency contacts letting them know you are in a potentially bad situation.

Easy to Activate – Revolar is easy to get to, it clips on your clothes or to your keychain and can be activated with the touch of a button.

It does not sound an audible alarm, which I wish it did to help deter a possible attacker.

Notifies Friends and Family – Unlike other smart personal security devices, Revolar offers two levels of alerts.

A yellow alert can be activated with a double press, alerting contacts to an uncomfortable situation.

A triple press sends a red alert and a request for professional help with your GPS location.

You have to decide what a yellow alert and red alert means to you and communicate this info to your contacts ahead of time.

I’m not sure that is hugely reliable since a lot of time could pass before you need to use your device.

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