React Mobile Sidekick

React Mobile Sidekick

Easy to Activate – This sidekick button is easy to get to, it clips on your clothes or backpack and can be activated with the touch of a button.

Note, you do not have to purchase the Sidekick. The app is free and can also call for help. I will always suggest you have a panic button that is easy to get to in the event you are in a situation that catches you off guard.

Notifies Friends and Family – You will notify your emergency contacts when you push the panic button or you can use the app to send the notification.

A text is sent with a pre-written message. I set mine up to say “Send help now. I’m in trouble”. Your contact get a link and can determine how to get help to you.

Follow Me Function – Through the app you can alert your friends to follow you while you walk home or other destination if you are feeling like you want a virtual escort.

This is a good idea especially when it’s late at night or maybe if you are traveling and relying on someone else to get you to your destination.

This product is pretty basic. I wish it at least had an audible alarm when the Sidekick is activated. For $79.99 I’d expect more functionality.

But, the free app could be useful in a pinch. You can buy this product at Target, Kmart and some other retailers and 5% of the sales goes to “Take Back the Night” which is an organization that helps bring awareness to sexual violence.

Get it here!

PRICE $79.99

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