Parachute calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts and livestreams your location, audio and video to them, so they can see what’s happening around you in real time. The app was really easy to download and set up.

It took me about one minute to figure it out. Pretty good for someone that doesn’t always think electronics are intuitive.

I only loaded one emergency contact for testing. It used my contact list so that was easy too.

I opened the app and sent my one contact an alert. Within 15 seconds their phone rang and the message said that I had sent an alert through Parachute.

My contact also received a text that had a link to the recorded video I was taking and included my GPS coordinates.

The app also includes elevation info so if you are in a building the police can pinpoint what floor you are on. I’m not sure how trained the police are on elevation or what tools they use.

I will update this review once I get more data.

All in all, I really like the functionality of this app. It’s easy to use and loads in less than a second.

The downfall, you have to get to your app when you are in a bind and that is always my concern with this type of product.

I does not make noise in an effort to warn the bad guy that you are not going to go down easy. That is a concern as you know I like products that help you stay out of harms way first, then helps you get out of trouble fast.

This app will notify people you are in trouble and provide

Check it out here!

Price: $9.99 on the App Store

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