I Lose Stuff All The Time – LOVE This Item

Tile or Cube

Tile or Cube

(both products work similarly)

Tile is ideal for people who constantly lose their keys, phone or wallet, (cough, cough–that’s me) and a reason it’s a favorite of mine.

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that can help you find items in seconds.

Attach Tile to everyday items that might be stolen, like dorm/apartment keys, your backpack or your computer (O, ouch! That’ll cost you a very uncomfortable call home to dad).

Keep track of them with the Tile app.

You can set your lost items to ring or play a loud tune until you find them.

You can even look up the last time and place you saw your item so you can go back to find it.

And that’s not all!

You can hold down any one of your tiles to make your phone ring, even if the ringer is off!

Love that.

All this for just $25 and Amazon sometimes runs deals on these for back-to-school season and the holidays.

Buy it Here or Here!

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