Guardian MPS


GuardianMPS system is aware the second the app’s panic button is pressed.

It knows where you are, where your last class was or the last bar you left and it has live audio feed from when the panic alarm was activated.

The panic alarm goes to a professional Central Station and to your nominated team of friends.

As soon as you press that panic button there is an open channel that is listening and recording everything that is going on.

Based on this the professional monitoring team can send a 911 dispatch to campus police or local authorities.

If it is not a life threatening situation your own team of friends will get you the help you need.

Guardian MPS can also be a “virtual escort”. For example, a user can log in a time they expect to get home and if they do not arrive on time, the system will send an alarm notification to campus security.

App Features

Student Guide

Price: $25/month or $225 year

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