Oh lordy, I am always a little leery of recommending a weapon, such as stun guns or Mace, for self-protection because things can go wrong and I’m kind of a klutz. You need to decide which side of the coordination and risk pendulum you are on! Please just remember why this is a big decision--the attacker can use your weapon against you if they get to it. Your call. Oh, and remember the whole idea about keeping your personal alarm handy? The same rule applies here, which makes this type of protection lower on my list of must haves (envision a mace necklace, hmmm).

Best Case: You can use the extra features on these products (loud spark or audible alarm) to scare the bugger out of someone before they get close. Heck, even the sight of this may keep them from approaching you. Use your smarts here, hope for the best and be ready to run.

Uncomfortable Case: You accidently stun your brother. Oh gee, sorry bro.

Worst Case: The attacker doesn’t care that you have a weapon, gets it from you and uses it against you.

Why I like them – OK, like is a strong word here but I do like that they have built in features that can help scare the attacker away before he gets to you via the loud alarm featured with the mace and the crackling sound the stun guns make when activated. I guess I like the idea I can stun my brothers too.

Why I don’t like them – Guys I just don’t think you are going to have these devices in your hands, or out and ready for a surprise attack. You will need to be extra vigilant and watching where you are going and what you are doing to have time to get to them. Make sure to read Campus Safety so you are armed with a strategy and with the tools you need to be safe.

And I guess I don’t like the idea my brothers can stun me back--because they would!


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