Protect Your Things

You have stuff you want to protect, right? You are in a new place with new roommates and a whole lotta people around that you just don’t know… yet. Or you moved into an apartment and you realize none of the bedroom doors have locks. Umm, most of us like our roommates but that does not mean I want them walking into my bedroom. Well, there are some really good items out there that can help you keep yourself and your possessions safe.

Best Case: You can keep tabs on your keys, which can be used as a weapon to slash at the perp. A loud alarm sounds if a window or door is opened, which scares the bad guy or college prankster away.

Uncomfortable Case: Your roommate is met with a loud howl when she tries to open your closet door… busted! You’ll need to have a (potentially) uncomfortable conversation with your roomie, but the discussion needed to happen at some point, right?

Worst Case: A robber gets in your dorm or apartment and steals your stuff. He may also try to harm you. The loud noise will still draw attention and hopefully it will keep them from staying for long.

Why I like them – Robbers don’t like loud noises because it draws attention to what they are doing. That’s good! And some of these other items just plain make sense depending on the situation. One of my favorites is the Tile (which enables you to locate anything) because dorm key replacements are expensive and just a hassle. So is losing your computer. Ouch.

Why I don’t like them – What’s not to like? OK, robbers can still get in; that sucks.


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Tile or Cube (both products work similarly) Tile is ideal for people who constantly lose+


Addalock This is called The Addalock. It is a portable door lock and installs in+

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GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm Set this under your closed door at night, and+