Coming Soon

There are two really cool pieces of Jewelry I will be reviewing soon. They are not on the market yet, but are worth noting. Both are taking pre-orders if you want to take a look before I get a chance to tell you more. Also check out the Apps below. More info to come on those as well.



If you’re in trouble, SafeSnapp can share important information with the authorities. Simply push the+

watch over me-thumbnail

Watch Over Me turns your phone into a personal safety device. You can just let+

lifeline response-thumbnail

With Lifeline Response, you press a button within the app and as soon as your+

samsung galaxys7-thumbnail

The Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7 and Note line of phones have a lot+


The SafeTrek app is an emergency app that lets you alert the police when you+


Created with input from Search and Rescue professionals, the Bugle app for iPhone is designed+


Kitestring is a web-based service that checks in with you and sends an alert to+


Using the Emergensee app, users can stream live video, audio, and GPS data to personal+


This app sends SMS and emails to pre-selected emergency contacts. It also posts your location+


Athena is a small, simple device designed to protect women and other wearers from assaults+