Mobile Apps with GPS

The products in this category work well when you feel like you may be getting into a situation that you are uncomfortable with like walking home by yourself late at night. It also works for a first date by activating a “check in” mode in which you put friends or family on alert if you don’t check in at a certain time, they need to send help. With this type of safety device you need to be more aware and prepared to open the app in order to get help.

Best Case: Friends and family do a great job figuring out if you need help and where to send the police if you are in danger.

Uncomfortable Case: You send out a panic to friends and family to tell them you need help (you fell running out in the wilderness and hear footsteps). They call the police. You realize the footsteps are attached to helpful people that get you back on your feet. In the meantime, the cops show up because you forgot to update your family. Not the worst thing that could happen, but does require apologies all around for rounding the troops when it’s not necessary. Safety is still the first priority.

Worst Case: The attacker pulls your phone from you and stomps on it without giving you a chance to get to your app.

Why I like them – These products provide you with a way to alert friends and family that you are in harms way and provide an audible alarm to make bad guys think twice about approaching you.

Why I don’t like them – I’m not a big fan of fully relying on friends and family to send help and I’m not so sure in the heat of the moment that you will be able to work the app properly.



Parachute calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts and livestreams your location, audio and video+


GuardianMPS system is aware the second the app’s panic button is pressed. It knows where+