Beyond Basics

There are some great safety apps that students can download to their phones.Through the apps, friends and family are notified when you press a panic button and are notified of your location so they can find you or direct police to where you are located through GPS. Each product has a little twist that I’ll explain below.

I’ve grouped the products into three categories.


charm alarm-thumbnail

Security devices can be used for belongings as well. With these devices, you can track+


With the Safelet bracelet you can alert your network of friends and family where you+

Safety Technology HC-CROSS-DVR Cross Hidden Spy Camera with built in DVR-thumbnail

Safety Technology HC-CROSS-DVR Cross Hidden Spy Camera with built in DVR This cross includes a+


Defender 24/7 This is one of the more interesting devices that I’ve seen, it offers+


Parachute calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts and livestreams your location, audio and video+


GuardianMPS system is aware the second the app’s panic button is pressed. It knows where+


This wearable helps its users feel more safe by contacting up to five emergency contacts+

React Mobile Sidekick-thumbnail

Easy to Activate – This sidekick button is easy to get to, it clips on+


Easy to Activate – With this product you just hit the panic button. If you’re+