Basic Devices

The most basic safety device is a personal alarm or a panic alarm. The key is making sure you have it close at hand--think of using it as a keychain or charm for your backpack. If someone is coming at you, you need to react quickly. My best advice is don’t be afraid to use it the instant you feel those warning bells going off in your head. Trust them; they are usually right on the mark.

Best Case: A would-be attacker goes bye-bye and gives you the chance to get some place safe.

Uncomfortable Case: You set it off and it’s just a guy handing you a credit card you dropped. You say, “Oops, sorry, you startled me!” Your actions say, “I’m not going down without a fight. Don’t mess with me.”

Worst Case: The attacker doesn’t care or you are in an area where no one can hear the alarm.

Why I like them – They are easy to use. I especially like the ones with a pull pin, just one yank and the alarm sounds; no fumbling for the right button.

Why I don’t like them – They won’t work if they are in the bottom of your purse or backpack! Remember you have to have them with you and in an easy access spot, so small and fashionable is key. I’ve picked some below that can even be downright cute or, for the guys, I have a sleek money clip version.

Something to ponder – A home security system works most of it’s magic by having a sign on your front lawn; bad people don’t want to rob that house because they might get caught. Same theory applies here. If a bad guy sees you as confident and ready to make noise, you probably won’t fit his profile and he’s less likely to mess with you. Wear it loud and wear it proud! But be ready to scratch, bite, claw, gouge and run when necessary.



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Personal Defense Alarm-thumbnail

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Personal Alarm with LED Light-thumbnail

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