Created with input from Search and Rescue professionals, the Bugle app for iPhone is designed primarily for runners, hikers, cyclists and others that don’t want to take their phone with them when they’re out.

Users set how long they’re going to be gone and where they are going. If they don’t check in within the time limit, their emergency contacts in their phone are alerted by email and text.

This is not just for people outside exercising. It’s perfect if you are going on a blind date, meeting someone from a Craigslist ad, or any activity where you are meeting a stranger and know when you’ll be back.

It’s free. Get it on iTunes.

If you don’t have an iPhone, check out HikerAlert.com. For $4.99 per year, this web-based service lets you set timers to alert friends and family via email and text if you don’t return by your scheduled return time.

Before leaving you can create a trip report from your profile, including planned campsites, your favorite trails, the equipment you carry and more.

And mobile phone tracking enables you to leave a digital breadcrumb trail whenever you have cell service.

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