Sometimes we get into a situation where we feel uneasy, that something is not quite right. During those times you need to be armed with some form of protection. I’ll help you determine which personal safety tools are right for you. I have provided a list of products I recommend, below, but there are a lot of them out there, so do your homework once you have decided which type you think is right for you. All this information should help you make an educated decision.
Be sure to review “Campus Safety Basics,” which has helpful hints to help you reduce your risk of becoming a victim. Bottom-line, I want to arm you with tools and strategies to keep you out of harm’s way.
There are four main elements to dealing with an attacker. Having all of the elements in one tools would be great, but not all tools are created equal. As you are reading about the different tools I have presented on my site look for these icons which will help direct you to the tool that is right for you.


The tools with this icon have a function that will help stop an attacker. This may be a really loud alarm found in basic personal safety tools, or will help stop an attacker form opening a door. This is yoru first line of defense. If you can keep an attacker form following through with an attack, the better off you are in the end.


A fight icon lets you know that the tool is a weapon. It includes a feature that is made to hurt someone. The usual form is either pepper spray or a stun gun. I have not included any fire arms in my analysis.


If you see an SOS icon it will show that the tool sends for help in some way. Either notifying yoru frineds and family or a monitoring center of your GPS location so they can send the police or medical team to you as fast as possible. Getting someone to you in the event you are in danger will be really important.


The evidence icon tells you this tool has the ability to take audio, video or some other type of evidence to help identify your attacker. This will help law enforcement build a better case in the event its needed.



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If you would like me to review your personal safety tool, email me the specifics including the hardware (when available). My goal is to have a comprehensive range of Personal Safety Tools represented.


If you are a consumer and would like a personal safety tool reviewed just email me the name of the app or a website and I’ll be happy to include the review in the near future.